About Us


Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt directed over fifty episodes and pilots for television, numerous stage productions (from the Hollywood Bowl to Broadway), as well as hundreds of  animation episodes and motion capture for games such as Uncharted. He wrote the best-selling book How To Audition. Gordon was a brilliant teacher, dedicated to guiding his students to finding their truth, as well as the fun,  in acting. He was a shining example of a positive approach to the work, never harsh, but always spot on with his critiques. 


The Workshop

Each class begins with an exercise designed to loosen up the actor, develop craft, look at where emotions exist in the body, or sharpen auditioning skills. After each scene, monologue, or song, we ask the actor to examine his or her work, to develop a corresponding sense of the inside feeling with the outside performance. This is done to encourage the actor to take responsibility for his or her own work.


Expand Your Range

 We help actors solve acting problems. There is no one acting approach that we advocate other than staying present, finding the truth in the moment, as well as having fun  in performance. We encourage  actors to find material that challenges them and us. We are equally at home working with Shakespeare as we are with contemporary writing for stage, television or film.  We also encourage actors to bring in original writing.